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Wheelchair Distribution

Going where the need is greatest! Reaching the poorest of the poor! Providing help to the needy & sharing the spiritual riches of the Gospel!

Beginning in 2002 through 2007, we made several mission trips to Nicaragua bringing in humanitarian aid, medical equipment and supplies, and wheelchairs, which we personally delivered accompanied by our humor-therapy variety clown show.

A wheelchair is a priceless & cherished gift!

We personally delivered more than 50 wheelchairs!

Following are pictures of just a few of the many happy & fortunate recipients. We personally distribute each wheelchair as much as possible, adding that 'personal touch' & making sure it gets to the intended recipient.

wheelchair daniela bigwheelchair lenin big


It seems like there is an almost endless need among the populace for wheelchairs. It's not that there are an exceptional amount of sick or injured people it's mostly that for the average person it's an expensive item & difficult to get.

wheelchair oswaldo bigwheelchair cerebral big


Specialized wheelchairs for children are very expensive, even here in the U.S, they can cost thousands of dollars. So you can imagine how great a gift one of these is for the child of a poor family.

wheelchair marlene bigwheelchair spina big


It is extremely difficult, if not nearly impossible, for a poor person to obtain a wheelchair. Many people end up needing a wheelchair due to poor or no medical care.

wheelchair candida bigwheelchair walter big


We never could bring enough wheelchairs; there was always someone more that needed one when we had distributed all that we had to give. We wish we could have brought one for every needy person.

wheelchair clayton bigwheelchair leticia big


We are volunteers and not financially sponsored by an organization. For our mission trips to Nicaragua from 2002 through 2007, we paid our own airfare and expenses; "The International Hospital for Children" (IHC) in New Orleans sponsored medical equipment, medical supplies, and shipping costs; 'Cheer Up Missions' gave regular wheelchairs and specialized wheelchairs for children; ‘The Family Outreach Program’ gave beds and mattresses, and 'Family Missions' gave new clothes for children.

Mission Trip Slideshows


The World Fact Book - NICARAGUA

One of the poorest nations of the Western Hemisphere

Global location of Nicaragua
Nicaragua, the largest country in Central America, is adjacent to El Salvador & Honduras to the north & Costa Rica on the south, & situated between the Caribbean & Pacific Ocean.
Larger map of Nicaragua
Nicaragua: population 5,570,129 (July 2006 est.) Distribution of income is one of the most unequal on the globe. GDP annual growth has been far too low to meet the country's needs, forcing the country to rely on international economic assistance. WORLD FACT BOOK